cost & proceedings

Dear Patient,

our offer is to help you find a meta-perspective on your chronical health issues (my focus is on cancer).

This is an offer that most likely you have to pay privatly. Our toolbox comprises various methods in mediation, meditation, energy migration and matrix work. There is a focused objective to enhance recognition to unfold in and by you yourself. It is YOU, that needs to understand and subsequently know what and how change can be initiated. In this way I am far off being a healer, I see myself as a facilitator enabling you to find your own ressources. But, granted, a little support in this process can be quite helpful…

Usually with most patient a series of eight sessions (each for abt. 1 hour) will be sufficient for this process. For gratification I am asking for 1.800 € / 2.000 $ for this series of meetings (that includes a written reports for each session). The first contact by phone or mail naturally is without obligation and charge. And naturally you have the option to terminate after the first session and should that be the case and it would not turn to be part of the series, I would then only charge a reduced amount of 150 € / 175 $. So, we may be able getting to know each others and you can learn about this approach. Then you can decide to go or not go for the series. As well it´s possible to decide for half a series and then re-evaluate the process again. And naturally you can terminate the series of sessions at any time, then gratification would be billed pro rata tempori.
Should you be in a situation of severe financial shortage, contact me as well; we may find solutions.

So, how does it run practically ?
By far most of these meetings run online. We see and hear each other via Zoom (or Skype) on the computer. A dual connect via Zoom is a safe and secure means of communication and involves not cost on your side. Thus, you can be either at your clinic or at home as long as you have a fairly ok internet connection. Your notebook needs a built-in camera and microphone or alternatively you can plug it in externally.

Let me encourage you to be open to this kind of communication. Even initially skeptical patients reported back to me that after just a short period of time, they felt quite comfortably with this medium. It´s no hinderance to experience deep touching meditations.

(For this complementary holistic therapy a patient necessarily needs to be in the care of a qualified medical-oncological treatment.)