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15.+22.April 2024 online Workshop “Me and my body – talking to cells
adv. training for Turkish therapists (engl. incl. simultaneous translation)

14.-16. Oct 2024 Workshop “On Death and Dying – explorative meditations
at World Congress of Regression Therapy, Barloo, Netherlands

18.-29.Oct 2024 Workshop “Detecting& handling hidden non-self energies in the body
Malaga, Spain (english but simultaneous spanish translation)
22.-24.Nov 2024 online Workshop “Talking to cancer cells
adv. training for Spanish speaking therapists (engl. incl. simultaneous translation)

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17.-19.Nov 2023 Workshop: “Deeper insights into our bodies
advanced training for Spanish speaking therapist (AETR, Spain & ACHTEVIP; Chile)

10.-13.Oct 2023 Workshop: “The Art of detecting the life pattern in a chronical disease
at AC23 Annual Convention of Regression Therapists; Antalya, Turkey

25. March 2023 Lecture “Realms of Consciousness – talking with Cancer Cells
at ICC Internat. Cancer Congress, Munich

22. Oct. 2022          „How to communicate with cells with a focus on cancer cells“. 
Congress: Earth Convention of Regression Therapy 2022
Evadoa Romania. **presentations, demo-sessions, excercises**

5./6. Sept. 2020         “ Individualized Therapy – chronical disease as
.                                    a representation of a life theme.”
.                                    Presentation at online conference of
.                                    Internat. Conference of Chronical Pathologies