cancer and one´s spiritual power

Recognition is light. Let light illuminate !

We know so much more than what we are aware about cognitively. The solution space to our problems ever already exists. The crucial question: How can I access this, my hidden knowledge?

It is idle to discuss whether this may be rooted in one´s unconsciousness or whether a superior soul-consciousness offers guidance; Fact is, that new, often surprising entries open up and can be directly experienced by the person. Here lies a huge potential !

Recognize and experience that you are not helplessly at the mercy of an adverse fate. Allow yourself to become surprised which messages, tasks and new paths may open up in the process of a mindful sensing to communication with our body and its organs.

The charming aspect to this approach is that it´s completely complementary and in no conflict whatsoever to medical-clinical proceedings and latest scientific findings. To the contrary, there is the power of an ideal conjoint effort to bring forth change.

Spirit can influence body and bodily functions. On a cognitive level we can influence breathing patterns and even pulse and blood pressure whereas functions as digestion, the issue of hormones and neurotransmitters or regulations in our immune system seem to be beyond cognitive reach.  But they are not beyond the scope of the body. With mental and emotional powers we all can reach out into this beyond. Yes, it may need a little support to reach there but only because such communication has become a lost treasure to our culture. It was a relieving insight from science to learn that our brain stays capable to physically change and adapt (so called neo-neuroplasticity). We can exert a focussed impulses to change aspects in or lives and thus can induce physiological changes as well. In this manner conduct, experiences and environmental circumstances can even influence our genes – the realm of the new science of epigenetics.

There exist tools to distill life patterns of a person; those that often reach back to childhood, even birth and before. Recognition can be gained why we recurrently run into similar experiences from childhood foreward in education, relationships, business and finally the health dimension. Sometimes we have an intuition about such themes, sometimes we are really blank and it needs to be unveiled.

The exiting part is the fact, it does not restrict itself to recognition only. It truly and really has the potential to change as well. Potentially everybody can reprogram him/herself! A fascinating perspective!         

(For this complementary holistic therapy a patient necessarily needs to be in the care of a qualified medical-oncological treatment.)